Our Playbooks

These are the playbooks we are creating to help run EE

Over the past few years running an inception has become the default pattern for kicking off a new development initiative within Equal Experts. We find running inceptions provide the development team and the wider stakeholder group the foundations to kick off a development, giving it the best chance to be successful in the months that follow.

While starting a development is complex to get right, we believe that it is possible to formalise a generic blueprint to be used for knowledge sharing, inspiration and as a starting point. This is what we have attempted to capture in our playbook.

All about the process we use at Equal Experts to empower our people to be more autonomous. A huge departure from traditional top down decision making. It's also a great tool for examining the 'why' in decision making and considering what success will look like and how it can be measured.

The Equal Experts Secure Delivery Playbook is a distillation of our thinking on how best to apply security within continuous delivery. We have open sourced it under a Creative Commons license for the benefit of the wider software development community, and encourage contributions to continually improve the content within it.

At Equal Experts, we often work as co-located teams; however this isn’t always the case. We have seen a variety of arrangements from a single hub location with work-from-home-Fridays to multiple hub locations spread across geographies and different time-zones to fully distributed teams.

This playbook is an attempt to distil some of our learnings from these situations so we can help people collaborate with teammates across locations and provide ways to improve your own distributed work experience.